Rype Office harness the power of remanufacturing and the circular economy to help clients create offices that are beautiful, sustainable and cost less.

Rype Office is a circular economy office furniture and design company, set up to respond to the 300 tonnes of office furniture that go to landfill every working day in the UK. They have developed the technologies and processes to cost-effectively remanufacture office furniture to as-new condition. This reduces the cost of the furniture to less than half of its list price. It also means that it has an environmental footprint 80% lower than new and avoids waste.

Rype Office’s free award-winning design service integrates all furniture and reclaimed/surplus flooring into beautiful, productive and healthy offices. They are also pioneering a range of beautiful sustainable furniture, including their recyclable RePlastic board room tables with tops made from waste plastic.

For more information visit the Rype Office website.