Premier Sustain

Premier Sustain offers a comprehensive range of sustainable services for the management, re-manufacturing, resale, donation and recycling of office furniture, IT and electrical equipment.

Achieve cost savings – from maximising resale value and returning revenue for valuable assets, through to minimising disposal costs, we typically deliver 40% cost savings on traditional clearance approaches.

Demonstrate your social responsibility – Premier Sustain deliver clearances whilst tangibly supporting local schools, social enterprises and charities through The Giving Back Project.

Reduce your impact on the environment – in line with the waste hierarchy they focus on prevention, minimisation, re-use and diversion from landfill for all unwanted resources.

Premier Sustain’s office furniture remanufacturing services help make the most of existing furniture assets, returning them to ‘as good as new’ condition and remanufacturing them to meet new working requirements.

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