Library of Things

Library of Things - a case study from Advance London

Library of Things is a treasure box of useful Things that lives in a local library, high street or housing block.

A 12-month pilot in South London attracted 800+ borrowers, who borrowed things like strimmers, sewing machines, tents, carpet cleaners, and ukuleles 2000+ times. Now the same team is building shared infrastructure to power hundreds of lending libraries.

This social venture makes the circular economy real for everyone: bringing people together to access Things, learn how to use them and connect with neighbours to organise events, repair Things, and share ideas for local projects.

Hailed as ‘an answer to our peak stuff problem’ by the Guardian, Library of Things gives manufacturers a platform to offer their products as a service, where drills can be rented to many people, then repaired – rather than bought or used by one person then thrown away. This creates a market incentive for long-lasting, modular, easy-repair products. It also enables a direct user-manufacturer feedback channel, allowing rapid knowledge sharing around product design.

With more locations opening across London in 2018, Library of Things is bringing people benefits of more living space and disposable income, new friends, a sense of local pride and a clean environmental conscience.

For more information visit Library of Things.