Globechain is a re-use platform that connects businesses to charities, SMEs and individuals to re-use and redistribute items.

Globechain have designed a digital platform that allows members to easily share no longer needed items and materials. The company focuses on retail (fixtures and fittings, obsolete stock), commercial (office and PCs) and construction (materials, demolition and refurbishments).

Globechain to date has diverted over 4 million kilos from landfill with savings of over £1m to charities and social enterprises. The platform is available in Europe and the US providing social impact data for its members.

By enabling members to re-use items using the platform and using new technology, Globechain helps organisations start the journey towards circularity to ultimately work towards becoming fully circular. As the circular economy becomes more sophisticated, so do the members and items being re-used and upcycled through the system.

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