FRUU is a cosmetic company which converts fruit by-products that would otherwise be discarded into affordable and sustainable cosmetics.

Over 90% of current mainstream cosmetics and toiletries are made with crude oil, an unsustainable and often non-biodegradable resource.  At the same time, 800,000 tonnes of fruit waste with high biochemical values is being produced worldwide annually from juicers and food processing industries.   Most of the waste material produced will be sent to a landfill site where it degrades and emits greenhouse gases.

FRUU have recognised the unique value these fruit waste-derived raw material possess and have developed unique formulations to incorporate as much of them as possible in their cosmetics products.

This is an example of how circular economy can be achieved in the future, replacing the need for petrochemicals in household items, whilst finding a use for “waste material” generated from human activities.

FRUU currently have a range of fruit-based lip balms, tinted lip balms and coffee scrubs sold on websites and through retailers in the UK and eight overseas countries.

For more information visit FRUU.