Our Team

Natalia Agathou – Business Advice Manager

Natalia joined the team as Business Advice Manager in January 2017. Previously she worked for 8 years as an Environmental Advisor, specialising in sustainable businesses and responsible sourcing in emerging economies. She has helped businesses to develop sustainability strategies and resource efficient business plans. She has designed waste collection and delivery plans for municipalities across Europe and has analysed and restructured internal processes for organisations in the retail, packaging, banking, textiles, recycling and sanitary sectors. International clients have included Philips, IFCO Systems S.A., Textile Enterprises, IBM, the World Bank, the EU, the UNDP, Water.org and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

T: 020 7960 3652
E: natalia.agathou@advancelondon.org

Jean Billant – Senior Business Advisor

Jean recently joined Advance London as a Senior Business Advisor, delivering circular economy focused business support and advice to SMEs within London to help them scale-up existing circular economy operations or transition to more circular business operating models.

Prior to this, he was advising SMEs and manufacturing enterprises to design market-ready solutions around waste to energy, decentralized energy production and bio-based materials. His sound knowledge on technical related issues combined with business and financial skills such as access to finance, business modeling, market mapping and analysis give him a unique perspective on the development of innovative and low carbon business solutions.

Jean studied Business and Sustainable Development in Kedge Business School and specialized in circular economy and sustainable development. He lived, and worked for development projects, in South America, South East Asia and Africa.

T: 020 7960 3651
E: jean.billant@advancelondon.org

Emma McKenna – Business Advisor

Emma is a Business Advisor on the Advance London team helping businesses to scale up their circular economy activities or transition to more circular ways of working. Prior to joining, Emma was a Project Officer on the future cities programme in Peterborough where she led on the Empowerment and Smart Business strands of the programme delivering projects to drive innovation; smarter ways of working; and the transition to a Circular City. Emma has experience working with businesses from various sectors and managed the development and launch of Peterborough’s own B2B resource sharing platform.

T: 020 7960 3649
E: emma.mckenna@advancelondon.org

Andri Constandinou – Business Advisor

Andri Constandinou joined the Advance London team in April 2018 as a Business Advisor, with the main objective to support businesses through their transition to a more circular business model. She previously worked for the London Fire Brigade in the Sustainable Development team supporting the organisation in managing their environmental impacts and implementing sustainability principles within the structure of the organisation. Prior to this, Andri conducted research on sustainable industrial manufacturing and how to measure the impacts of improvement at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in York, developing a commercial holistic metrics toolkit. She also worked on the development of bio-based solvents and their commercialisation and applications in business.

T: 020 7960 3653
E: andri.constandinou@advancelondon.org

Sarah Beaton – Project Coordinator

Sarah joined the Advance London team in March 2018 as Project Coordinator. Prior to this, Sarah worked at Cancer Research UK first in in the funding department issuing and auditing research grants and later as a Project Coordinator for the Stratified Medicine Programme. Most recently, Sarah was Operations Manager at a London-based SME implementing strategies and processes for growth.

T: 020 7960 3650
E: sarah.beaton@advancelondon.org

Stuart Ferguson – Head of Investment

Stuart joined the team in May 2016 as Head of Investment and is an experienced financier. He has previously worked as Head of Fund Investment at Big Issue Invest, a leading social investor, working with scalable, high growth businesses seeking to deliver financial and social returns. Prior to this role, Stuart worked for Lloyds Banking Group for 15 years in a variety of transactional and relationship management roles.  Stuart brings significant experience of working with businesses across the investment lifecycle and has held a number of board positions.

T: 020 7960 3668
E: stuart.ferguson@lwarb.gov.uk

Jessica Brodrick – Business Development Officer

Jessica joined the London Waste and Recycling Board in 2016 as a Business Development Officer in the investment team. Before joining the Board, Jessica worked as a Project Manager in the Business Development Team at Veolia, tendering for local authority municipal contracts. Prior to this, she worked at Lincolnshire County Council for five years supporting several multi-million pound procurement projects, including the procurement of the county’s Energy from Waste facility.

T: 020 7960 3682
E:  jessica.brodrick@lwarb.gov.uk