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Bridging the gap between material innovation and waste management

By 30/05/2018 October 5th, 2018 No Comments

Event Date: 21st June 2018


The aim:

We want to start the conversation between businesses that have developed or are using innovative materials and waste management companies that deal with various plastic, textile and organic waste fractions on a daily basis.

The objectives:

  • Material/product innovators will share details on their products (i.e. biodegradable, compostable, recyclable) and describe the waste challenge they are trying to address.
  • Waste management companies will share details on available waste separation and treatment technologies as well as technological limitations for sorting different materials
  • All will exchange, broker, discuss and explore how the two worlds can work collaboratively in parallel to ensure that circularity of resources is achieved
  • And why not create a working group that will continue the discussion for the months to come!

In order to create the right conditions for a fruitful discussion, attendance at this event is by invite only but we’ll be sharing the outcomes in our blog so keep an eye out!